The arts are alive. Help them survive.

As you know from earlier posts, I am all about supporting local artists.  With this economy, it is hard to follow your passion in full force.  Other things, like making a living at jobs that may pay well, but have no connection to what is important to you, get in the way.  Few people ever have the opportunity to set off on the path that leads to a goal or dream coming to fruition.  And that, I believe, is sad.  The arts are one of the most affected areas when it comes to budget cuts, yet people fail to realize that in times of great depression (monetarily and emotionally) that entertainment has always been a saving grace.  When the world is unhappy, we turn towards the industry to give us a break from reality.  Why, then, are we not nurturing the future of art?  Why do we not support, with all of our heart, mind, and body, future artists?  Really think about it.

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Jet Black Sunrise, Falling LP.

The past several days I have been in a music coma.  Headphones on, volume up, and emotion tuned in.  The focus of my attention has been on Jet Black Sunrise.  They are a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from Boston, MA, and they recently released Falling, their debut LP.  It took over a year to come to fruition, but now that it’s here, it’s well worth the wait.  At first listen, my thought was, “When did The Hold Steady release a new album?”  And that is a high compliment.  There is definitely a symbiotic relationship among the musicians; feeding energy to one another and powering the songs from beginning to end.  And that compatibility is heard throughout the entire track listing, giving the album a certain je ne sais quoi.

Five musicians therefore five writers and five contributing voices…