Hey guys — can you help a girl out and spread the word about an amazing band named Farraday.  My best childhood friend and his band-mates are some of the most talented and wonderful individuals you will ever meet and they are hoping to fund their first full length album with YOUR help!  Please, please, please head on over to Kickstarter and pledge some dolla, dolla bills y’all (even a dollar will help!) so they can achieve one of their life-long goals as musicians.  Also, while you’re at it, check out their EP on iTunes and Amazon.  The Fear of Missing Out was released in the summer 2011 and kicks some serious booty.  Independent artists rarely get the chance to let their talent shine without people who support local artists.  Really consider giving these guys 100 pennies, four quarters, twenty nickels, or anything you can spare.  I know they’ll love you forever and you’ll love them, too!



Farraday’s “Put Me on the Next Plane”.

My friends, Farraday, have released their official video from their first single, “Put Me on the Next Plane.”  Amazing group of individuals, wonderful musicians.  It is a blessing to know these guys!  I love it you guys!

Click here for the video!

The arts are alive. Help them survive.

As you know from earlier posts, I am all about supporting local artists.  With this economy, it is hard to follow your passion in full force.  Other things, like making a living at jobs that may pay well, but have no connection to what is important to you, get in the way.  Few people ever have the opportunity to set off on the path that leads to a goal or dream coming to fruition.  And that, I believe, is sad.  The arts are one of the most affected areas when it comes to budget cuts, yet people fail to realize that in times of great depression (monetarily and emotionally) that entertainment has always been a saving grace.  When the world is unhappy, we turn towards the industry to give us a break from reality.  Why, then, are we not nurturing the future of art?  Why do we not support, with all of our heart, mind, and body, future artists?  Really think about it.

Plugs for music, jewelry, photography, and more…


Come check out some great local talent this weekend at Noise Fest.  Follow the link to their FACEBOOK PAGE to get a complete listing of the bands and times, along with other valuable information like when and where.  My friends Farraday are playing tonight, but there are some other great local bands like Madria, The Born Ready, Goodbye Coastline, Mark Rose (of Spitalfield fame), Victorian Halls, and Yeah Dude!, among many more.  If you like the flavor of local musicians, this is a festival for you.


It begins with Addison Park.

In a previous post I mentioned my summer concert series.  And tonight it begins with Addison Park (at Goose Island in Chicago, 3535 North Clark Street).  These are my boys.  They won MTVu‘s music video on The Freshman for their single “Bay Area Blues.”  In addition, they gained notoriety with press releases in magazines like Alternative Press and by winning contests throughout the Chicago area.  Voted in the top 25 college bands and winning recognition through MTVu and Fox News Chicago, Addison Park has the musical chops to back up their acclaim.  Guitar driven pop rock, catchy keyboard riffs, and lyrics you’ll be singing for days, these guys deserve your attention.

There are additional shows with my friends Farraday (Noise Fest on 6/10 at Penny Road Pub in Barrington, Illinois and Navy Pier on 7/16), so you should check out the provided links to get more information.

Remember, support your local artists.  They deserve your attention just as much, if not more, than the high rising radio rockers.  They are the future, and you have every opportunity to lend a helping hand and show them your attention.  Going to shows like these help to solidify a place within the scene.  Word of mouth is often the best and most useful tool for unsigned talent.  Come see the show and spread the good word.

Some Twitter names you should follow to get to know these guys (Addison Park and Farraday):  Dave Rossow (vocalist for Addison Park), Glenn Eck (guitarist for Addison Park and Farraday), Danny Casady (keyboardist for Addison Park and Farraday), Chris Core (guitarist for Addison Park), Aubyn Beth (vocalist for Farraday), Will Scott (drummer for Farraday), Nic Kaiser (guitarist for Farraday), Addison Park twitter account, and Farraday twitter account.


Support Local Artists: Farraday, The Crown and Two Chairmen, and Addison Park..

Some plugs:

I have some of the most talented and amazing friends.  When I was in high school and living in the Chicago suburbs I had a group of friends dedicated to music.  They played in multiple bands determined to make a name for themselves.  Some of them have gone on to record albums, while others chose the spot behind the mixing board and went to school for sound production.  Either way they followed their respective dreams and have continued to amaze me with their talent and dedication.

For anyone who knows me they know that I am rather forth coming with my opinions.  I am one of the most judgmental people you will ever meet, especially when it comes to my books, my music, and my clothes (my mom calls me a natural critic).  I am not afraid to say I hate something and then list off the reasons why from greatest to least.  Stating that, I do not turn the other cheek for my friends.  If I think their band sucks, I tell them.  If I think their songs suck, I tell them.  If I think their gear sucks, I tell them.  And I expect them to do the same.  As a writer part of the job is rejection and change.  Editors hand back bleeding copy and people can reject synopsis and plot more times than you would want to hear.  But not once has that ever prevented me from stating my true opinion on a piece of art, music, or written word.  Or clothing, for that matter.  What goes around, comes around, and because of that I do my best to give honest-to-God criticism and not hold grudges.

With that said,  I want you to check out a few things:

Farraday, The Crown and Two Chairmen, and Addison Park…