The most exciting show, for me.

This is the show I am looking forward to the most this year.  And then Owen in September.  And I need to actually catch Chris Broach DJ-ing at some point.  I am pretty sure it would be BALLER.



If you haven’t seen these guys yet, this summer is the perfect opportunity to get to know them.  Not only does Farraday have a show this Friday at METRO, but they have now added on an additional show for Old St. Pat’s Block Party on 7/15.  They will be playing along with Cobra Starship, and another great Chicago band, Plain White T’s.  CHECK THEM OUT!

Implications of fun. (Riviera on 6/8.)

It has been a long time coming, one of these longer narrative posts.  Tonight was a night that was both magical and emotional.  My ex-fiance and I bonded over our love of The Format.  He had a lyric written on a folder, I hummed “The First Single” so many times that I am sure people, to this day, correlate that song and myself.  We developed a mutual passion over going to concerts and seeing them live, because in all honesty, The Format was one of the best live bands ever.  Nate Ruess, singer and lyricist, had an odd presence on stage and Sam Means brought the business with alternative rock that meshed a variety of instrumentation and catchy hooks.  The two of them were auditory gold that would leave me humming with a certain sense of pride and pleasure.  The memories evoked from listening to my favorite tracks are a wonderful combination of sadness and happiness. …the implications of love and music and fun.

Downtown Sound: New Music Monday, Iron & Wine at Millennium Park.

Tonight, at Millennium Park, Iron & Wine plays a free show as part of the Downtown Sound: New Music Monday concert series in Chicago.  This series runs from 5/23 – 7/25.  For more information, you can check out the following websites:  Millennium Park via Explore Chicago, Huffington Post Chicago, or the Chicago Tribune Leisure blog.

Iron & Wine tonight, along with The Head and the Heart.

Pygmalion Music Festival in Champaign

Another thing worth mentioning.  Polyvinyl Records is celebrating 15 years in September and is sharing the joy of their extreme talent by having some killer names perform at the Pygmalion Music Festival in Champaign.  You can check out more information here.  I am ridiculously excited to see Braid, Owen, and Joan of Arc.  Bring on the music!

It begins with Addison Park.

In a previous post I mentioned my summer concert series.  And tonight it begins with Addison Park (at Goose Island in Chicago, 3535 North Clark Street).  These are my boys.  They won MTVu‘s music video on The Freshman for their single “Bay Area Blues.”  In addition, they gained notoriety with press releases in magazines like Alternative Press and by winning contests throughout the Chicago area.  Voted in the top 25 college bands and winning recognition through MTVu and Fox News Chicago, Addison Park has the musical chops to back up their acclaim.  Guitar driven pop rock, catchy keyboard riffs, and lyrics you’ll be singing for days, these guys deserve your attention.

There are additional shows with my friends Farraday (Noise Fest on 6/10 at Penny Road Pub in Barrington, Illinois and Navy Pier on 7/16), so you should check out the provided links to get more information.

Remember, support your local artists.  They deserve your attention just as much, if not more, than the high rising radio rockers.  They are the future, and you have every opportunity to lend a helping hand and show them your attention.  Going to shows like these help to solidify a place within the scene.  Word of mouth is often the best and most useful tool for unsigned talent.  Come see the show and spread the good word.

Some Twitter names you should follow to get to know these guys (Addison Park and Farraday):  Dave Rossow (vocalist for Addison Park), Glenn Eck (guitarist for Addison Park and Farraday), Danny Casady (keyboardist for Addison Park and Farraday), Chris Core (guitarist for Addison Park), Aubyn Beth (vocalist for Farraday), Will Scott (drummer for Farraday), Nic Kaiser (guitarist for Farraday), Addison Park twitter account, and Farraday twitter account.