A flash in the pan.

I know it’s been forever, so please forgive me.  Not having internet is cramping my style.  Big time.  Just need to refocus and realize that these outlets are beneficial.  I missed you guys!

Lately I have listened to more electro-pop.  And yes, One Direction.  They are on the playlists lately.  Don’t hate me too much.  That song (“What Makes You Beautiful”) is catchy as hell.  And though it has no real value as a work of musicianship, or hell, it’s not lyrically brilliant either, but – DAMNIT! – it makes me dance in the morning and some days you just need that.

About a week ago I was at my local coffeehouse and plugged into my Spotify and came across this freaking amazing song (and I cannot find it on iTunes or Amazon ANYWHERE) called “Warrior”.  If you like Foster the People, then you will probably LOVE this song, as Mark Foster (of Foster the People) is a contributing artist.  Reminds me of 80s pop mixed with the electro driven beats made favorable by bands like M83 (which by the way, their new album, I LOVE IT!).

I know this is a very non-traditional post (no links, too many parenthesis, no real suggestions format), but it’s because I am going through ideas on how to re-vamp this blog, along with my introducing a new blog from yours truly!  I decided that with my frequent reading habits (it’s like crack, I swear!) that I should begin a book review blog.  I need to refine my writing and make myself profitable.  Within each of us in a small business waiting to be opened.  I just want mine to involve things I love (i.e. music, books, and writing!).  Okay, I need to stop with the “!” — it’s beginning to annoy even me.

Anyways, I hope you tune in for further music suggestions and reviews and hop on over to http://www.belleandthebook.wordpress.com for some reading suggestions.

Love to you all!


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