Jet Black Sunrise, Falling LP.

The past several days I have been in a music coma.  Headphones on, volume up, and emotion tuned in.  The focus of my attention has been on Jet Black Sunrise.  They are a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from Boston, MA, and they recently released Falling, their debut LP.  It took over a year to come to fruition, but now that it’s here, it’s well worth the wait.  At first listen, my thought was, “When did The Hold Steady release a new album?”  And that is a high compliment.  There is definitely a symbiotic relationship among the musicians; feeding energy to one another and powering the songs from beginning to end.  And that compatibility is heard throughout the entire track listing, giving the album a certain je ne sais quoi.

Five musicians therefore five writers and five contributing voices provides this group with a diverse backdrop.  They weave in and out of genres offering listeners a variety of musical gourmet.  There is an added sound dimension with the use of piano, elevating the composition while still maintaining a down-to-earth vibe that has the potential for comfort in the local underground and on mainstream radio play.  I imagine these guys are a blast in person, because as stated, there is an audible camaraderie.

The album begins on a musically high note with the title song, and first single, “Falling” (oh the irony in that sentence!).  A piano inspired track interlaced with melodic guitar and driving percussion.  The lyrics stem from a lover scorned offering up the hard truths, he sings: “When you feel like you’re almost home.  Look around, face the faces you have known.  When you see that you’re all alone, beg forgiveness from all of those you’ve outgrown.  Your tears are falling to earth.  You won’t find me here to wash them.  Be sure of the things you’re going to do, but be careful not to stray far from you.”  Definitely an emotionally driven track, the music and lyricism combine beautifully to create a pleasurable tension and a relatable story.  Without a doubt you will be tapping your feet, or fingers, bobbing your head and wanting more.  As the first single, it offers a nice insight into the rest of the album, which does not disappoint.

Additional favorites: “This Wasn’t What You Planned,” “You Didn’t Break My Heart,” “Your Heart Runs the Sun,” and “All Away.”

For more information on this group you should definitely follow them on TwitterFacebook, and MySpace.  Also, here is a link to get the album streaming.  SERIOUSLY, hook yourself up with these tunes.

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