I was first introduced to this band in 2006.  They have since become one of my favorite duo’s.  Deb Talan’s voice is by far one of the most unusual ones out there.  Her and Steve Tannen blend perfectly.  Together they create some of the best modern folk I have heard combining simple instrumentation and poetic lyrics.  When I found out they had a Christmas track, I was so happy.  Here is my second holiday recommendation:

All That I Want” by The Weepies.  The track opens with sleigh bells and a cute guitar rhythm.  Deb Talan is the primary vocalist, and she describes a Christmas scene, “Out in the harbor the ships come in, it’s Christmastime.  The kids all holler, carols cross the water, stars that shine.  All that I want, all that I want…”  She continues to describe different scenes and situations, ending each description with “all that I want,” reminding us of a Christmas list.  However, she is not asking for material objects, she is issuing a need for these moments of togetherness, moments of peace, moments of love, reinforcing the idea of holiday spirit and cheer.  What present could ever beat out being with loved ones?

(This song is found on Happiness, released in 2003.)


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