The Spin Room, The Dreams We Keep.

The Dreams We Keep was released in September 2010.  It is a five track EP that is found on iTunes.  It is best classified as pop punk.  With that said, the songs carry a very generic sound.  Nothing particular stands out to encourage further listening.  Nick Miley, the one man wonder behind The Spin Room, sings his heart out, but unfortunately his lyrics fall short of anything spectacular.  This is attributed to the over powering percussion, with constant clashing of cymbals and ever-present snare and bass hits.  Add in a guitar that seems to wail constantly with no real melody or purpose, and it’s no small wonder you cannot hear Miley’s vocals.  What you can decipher isn’t anything breath-taking or ground breaking.  They are words heard one hundred times over by similar artists in the pop rock/pop punk scene.  What is clear is Miley’s passion for music.  However, he needs to make sure he can bring something new to the already overflowing table.  With easier access to promotion of music (hello Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and the like), it would benefit Miley to experiment with his music and step out of the formulaic sound of present day power pop.  Maybe even bring in full-time band members to encourage variation of sound.

Similar artists:  Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls.


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