The colorful spectrum of sound./I am purple and orange and yellow.

It is curious that some people have an affinity for music, not just in the ability to play instruments, but in maintaining a certain love of sound, while others are casual devotees at the altar.  What is it about music that can grasp an individual so entirely that their world is shaken when a new song or a new sound enters their life?

There was a road trip with my sister in which we discussed the mathematics of music.  She had read somewhere that there was an actual equation or formula that when used the song could garner a large response from listeners.  She used this as an example about why most popular songs continued to sound like one another.  Though I think there is some truth in this assumption (because let’s face it, there are some songs out there that sound too similar to one another), I think popularity and music is more of a money driven industry.  Artists who are backed by larger production companies are no doubt the ones in the media center because they have the clout behind them.  The songs can be absolute glittery shit (ahem, Ke$ha) but still manage to make it to the top of whatever popular countdown there is.  (REMINDER: I listen to Ke$ha.  Tik Tok is one of my go to dance songs.  But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is …well, glittery shit.)

However, I feel like there is a catch 22 when it comes to music.  There are only so many notes.  And only so many combinations.  With people writing music and experimenting with sound for so long, are we bound to repeat?  And repeat?  And repeat?  Obviously the answer is yes.  Repetition and cycles are a normal, succinct part of life.  History, fashion, and of course, entertainment, these things have cycled.  We just hope that future 360s will add their own knowledge and their own twists.  However, the catch 22 is this: we are always looking for and willing to hear something new, but new is just the old recycled and repackaged.

That first time you find “your” sound is a magical moment.  It’s like your ears sigh with relief: “We can stop searching now!  We’ve found it!”  It hits you in your gut, and resonates throughout your body, vibrating through your limbs.  And then after that we continue to the search to gather as much of our sound as we can.

My friends know that I have a deep seeded love for music.  It’s because of the colorful spectrum of sound.  Next time you listen to music do me a favor… listen through headphones, lay down, close your eyes and watch as the sounds come alive.


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